Database management and design


Although OSSAC focuses primarily on Oracle Rdb and MySQL relational database management systems, the database services offered by OSSAC are not limited to these. In particular we also support solutions based on RMS, ORACLE DBMS, SQLServer, MUMPS (Cache) and others as well.

Oracle Rdb is a full-featured, relational database management system for mission-critical applications on OpenVMS platforms.

Rdb’s technical strengths include

  • Very high performance to deliver extraordinary real-world throughput
  • Extremely high reliability, providing both data security and database uptime
  • Extremely high availability—requirements for scheduled maintenance downtime are minimal
  • Easy maintainability
  • Low cost per transaction


Design of relational and non relational DBMS

  • Design and redesign of database solutions using state of the art E/R tools
  • Implementation of medium to large RDB installations
  • Implementation of MySQL based solutions on OpenVMS systems

Design of Backup and data integrity concepts

  • OSSAC uses different technologies based on hardware, software and clustering techniques to achieve the best possible data integrity
  • Developing backup and, even more important, restore concepts to protect valuable and mission critical data from being lost due to hardware failure and/or human error

Monitoring and performance tuning

  • As database systems grow, monitoring and performance tuning becomes more and more important
  • OSSAC focuses on a demand driven strategy in monitoring and tuning of large database installations
  • We regard databases as very dynamic systems, which need constant monitoring and adaptations to changed customer needs



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